G. A. Hancock Properties Inc
Owner, lessor and developer of commercial, light industrial and residential real estate


The Company:
G. A. Hancock Properties was incorporated in 1911 and has been owned by the family of George Allan Hancock since 1925.
  The Company was known as the Santa Maria Valley Railroad Company until the railroad operating assets were sold in 2006.  
    Since 2006 the Company has focused exclusively on real estate activities which have included the construction of a new 15,000 square foot light industrial building, participation in the development of the Santa Maria Downtown Specific Plan, and the Master Planning of all of the Company's property.
Captain Hancock:
    Captain G. Allan Hancock (1875-1965), truly a Renaissance man, left an indelible mark on the Santa Maria Valley, which he loved.  In his 89 years he was an oil man, developer, banker, aviator, scientist, businessman, farmer, railroad engineer, musician, philanthropist and even a sea captain.
    As a young man, Captain Hancock worked the family holdings in Los Angeles.  The famous La Brea tar pits was among the properties he later turned over to public use.  Growth in Southern California sent him to Santa Maria in the 1920's.  He bought the Santa Maria Valley Railroad, established Rosemary Farm, and developed Santa Maria Ice and Cold Storage Plant.
    Another of his passions, aviation, led to the development of the Hancock College of Aeronautics, which trained more than 8,000 cadets during World War II.  Hancock Airfield later became the home of Allan Hancock College.
    Captain Hancock was a qualified locomotive engineer and, until 1962, he fired up the steam locomotive known as "Old 21" and took it on a run from Santa Maria to Guadalupe every Tuesday morning.
    He also played the cello in the Los Angeles Symphony Orchestra, and later established the Hancock Ensemble in Santa Maria.
    Among the awards and honors he received were the Air Force Exceptional Service Award, the highest honor given to a civilian; the Galthea medal of Denmark, awarded for his work in oceanographic research; and a certificate of merit from President Harry S. Truman.
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